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Welcome to AngieCare

Your after-hours doctors visit. Where there is no wait time, no drive time and no insurance necessary.

In just minutes, from the comfort of your own home, Dr. Lee can diagnose, treat and answer your questions.

Urgent Care Online

Dr. Lee can help you overcome an illness that requires urgent attention but is not serious enough to warrant a hospital or emergency room visit.

  • For example, a cough, rash, low-grade fever, pain, or physical symptom that prevents you from carrying out your daily routine.
  • Urgent refills of routine, non-narcotic medications, such as blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes medications or birth control can be considered.

A quick online visit will get you the answers you need. 

15 – 30 minute sessions available.

Caregiver’s Lifeline

You are caring for your parents and children at the same time. One of them suddenly falls sick and you are not sure what to do.  Whether it applies to you or the person you care for, sometimes we may not understand all of the instructions or end up with a whole list of medications after a hospital discharge or clinic visit and have additional questions.

  • Drug Interactions – We will review your medications systematically and lift your concerns off your shoulder.
  • Test Results – We will help you decipher test results, either for yourself or for your loved ones. This online visit will clear the confusion for you and help you take good care of your family.

15-30 minute sessions available

Stress Reliever Consultation

You feel stressed and overwhelmed lately, unlike your strong usual self. You are wondering whether your body is breaking down. What must you do to get it back in shape?

  • We will help you differentiate pathological from physiological signs and symptoms.
  • What are the herbs we could eat that help us ward off diseases? How much should we eat? Would these herbs interact with your medications and/or worsen your medical conditions?

Let’s get the stress off your back and ward off any sickness. Visit with us to sort things out so you stay informed, safe and healthy.

30 minute sessions available

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