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Do I actually get to see the doctor at off hours without leaving my home?

Yes, absolutely.  An experienced, competent and compassionate doctor.

What states is this online doctor service provided?

Currently, you must be from the states of Minnesota or North Dakota to use this service.  With your support, AngieCare may expand to other states in the future.

Do I need health or medical insurance to use this online doctor service?

No health or medical insurance is necessary.  You will be charged a small fee for your visit as you enter the online waiting room.  Straight forward, no hidden charges.

Is my private information protected?

100%. Only HIPAA compliant platforms are used for your medical information and your online visits.

Why Home, Health, and Internet of Things?

Because to live a healthy life in this modern era, you need a doctor who can help you take care of not only your health, but who can also guide you in bettering your home and leverage technologies to enhance both your health and home.